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tips on how to buy a car to fit the will of the heart

While in the braking technique, the driver pulls the handbrake as it enters the bend, causing the rear tire to lock and lose traction and create a drift movement. This technique is the only technique that can be used for front wheel-drive cars (FWD). As for the car rear wheel-drive (RWD) has at least one dozen techniques. This is why more pro drifters use rear wheel drive (RWD) cars to be used as drift cars.

When drift is created by doing the correct technique, then the next thing to do is to keep the car in control. For this one required the expertise of the driver in controlling the combination of gas and steering.

The clutch is stepped on and at the same time the hand-brake is pulled to remove traction. When traction is gone, the clutch is off and the gas pedal is pressed while countersteering.

Power Slide

Condition requires a car with a powerful engine. The only way to step on the gas pedal until it runs out and control the direction of the car with the steering wheel.

Shift Lock

Drifting by lowering the gear position so much lower. This makes the tire lock so traction is lost.

dvantages and Disadvantages Avanza car you must consider before deciding to buy a million car this ummah. Toyota Avanza officially launched since 2003. Avanza own name comes from the Italian language meaning “improvement”. At launch, the Avanza was declared the cheapest MPV car issued by Toyota. So no wonder, Avanza sold up to 100,000 units in its first year of release.

Avanza development continues to be done. Present various types of Avanza with various models and improved specifications. In 2006 for example, Toyota introduced the New Avanza with a change of front and rear appearance, more complete accessories, and use the new VVT-i engine for all types. (Also Read: How to Take Care of Manual Car Machine)

The innovation was then re-introduced in 2011. This year is referred to as the start of the second generation Toyota Avanza known as the All New Toyota Avaza. Innovation continues to be done and last in 2015 ago, Toyota carries the name of the Grand New Avanza. Not much different actually, but carrying 1300 cc engine. (Also Read: Complete Car Engine Components)

Drifting by kicking the clutch so as to cause shocks on the transmission that affects the balance of the car. This will make the car sliding.

Braking Drift

The trick when entering the curve brake pedal stepped so that the weight moved to the front. Then the gas pedal directly dipijak so that the rear tires lose traction.

Feint / Scandinavian Flick

How to move the weight of the vehicle to the outside by turning the steering wheel to the outside of the corner and with a sudden turn the wheel so that the back of the car shifted. This technique is like cornering the majority of racers.

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