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how to drive the car properly and follow the driving guides below

Drifting is an art of high-speed driving engineering skills coupled with car control. Drifting is a driving technique in which the driver tries to make his car in a sloping position and glide from side to side at high speed for as long as possible. To Do drifting, download usually drifters only use second gear and hand brake to show this high level technique. Therefore, it takes a certain skill and discipline that is high enough to be able to master such driving techniques.

Currently Drifting has become a download free professional sport that runs under the banner of D1 Grand Prix racing but download gratis unfortunately, until now Drifting has not download mudah received recognition from the FIA ​​(big umbrella road race for car racing competition that oversees racing car events such as F1, A1, F3, F3000, GoKart and World Rally).

Drifting grew in Japan around the mid-1960s, pioneered among the motorsport underground dubbed rolling zoku. They practice the opposite-lock download technique of rally racing on the winding, slippery, paved mountain roads of Rokkosan, Hakone, Irohazaka and Nagano areas.

In the 1970s, Kunimitsu Takahashi, who is a Japanese legend F1 racer, was inspired when he tried the front of his car to follow the apex (the edge of a bend) at high speed and using the handbrake to follow the bend.

In 2001, Daijiro Inada (founder of Option Magazine and Tokyo Auto Salon) along with Keiichi “Dorikin” (King Drifting) Tsuchiya download (Turing racer and also Mr. Drifting Professional) created a series of professional drifting competition, D1 Grand Prix (D1 GP).

Drifting technique is done by letting the rear tire slip with a groove larger than the front tire. This usually happens when the car is driven at high speed, then steering wheel dibelokan without reducing the speed of the car. If the drifting technique is done incorrectly, it can cause the car to twist and lose control. Therefore, the speed and turning angle must be accurately taken.

There are two main techniques used by drifters to create drift movements ie Clutching (clutch use) and braking (brake use). In the clutching technique, when the racer car approaches the bend, the driver will press the clutch and move to 2nd gear. Then the driver will press the gas up to about 4000-5000 RPM. When the clutch is removed, there will be a strong spin on the tire because the machine is currently spinning fast. This sudden large force makes the rear tire spin very fast until it loses traction and the back of the car will twist.

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